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 Welcome to our adventure – the wilderness awaits.

In this video, you’ll see a successful hunting experience from Massachusetts. I hunted from my Tethrd saddle and filled my first buck tag of the season. This was my first year self filming from a saddle and sharing my stories with other outdoor enthusiasts.

The course of the hunt doesn’t always follow our plans. A day spent saddle hunting led to an unforeseen twist when returning to the truck – a sudden meet-up with a doe. Don’t miss out – tune in to witness how this unexpected event unfolds.

I spent an entire day in New Hampshire on a thrilling turkey chase. As the sun began to rise, we found ourselves in the heart of turkey territory. The day culminated in an unusual harvest of a turkey – a scene not to be missed. Tune in to discover what happened.

This video marks the inception of my YouTube journey. Before this, I had only shared a handful of personal moments on the platform, moments I could revisit for myself. But this day was unlike any other, and I knew it deserved to be recorded and shared. Since this initial upload, my Youtube journey has been an exhilarating whirlwind, fueling our passion for creating content and educating fellow outdoors enthusiasts, which continues to flourish. Thanks to everyone who made this all possible.