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Tethrd Lockdown Saddle: Review and First Impressions

Review of the Tethrd Lockdown Saddle First Impressions

Saddle hunting, a method of hunting that combines the stealth of tree stand hunting with the mobility of ground hunting, has been gaining traction among hunters for its unique advantages. This method allows hunters to ascend trees and position themselves in a way that offers an unobstructed shooting lane, all while maintaining a low profile. The growing popularity of saddle hunting can be attributed to its versatility, lightweight gear, and the unique vantage point it provides.

Tethrd Lockdown Saddle One Stick Review First Impressions

In the midst of this growing trend, Tethrd has emerged as a trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in saddle hunting gear. Tethrd is a company built by saddle hunters, for saddle hunters. Their mission is to design and manufacture the most innovative, high-quality products in the industry. They are committed to the relentless pursuit of better gear and better methods, always striving to offer the best to the saddle hunting community.

One of Tethrd’s most innovative products is the LockDown Saddle. This saddle is a game-changer, designed to provide maximum comfort without compromising on functionality. The LockDown Saddle takes the best features from Tethrd’s Phantom, such as the UtiliBridge, Comfort Channels, and integrated lineman loops, and adds an Expandable Saddle Body with LockDown Link construction. This creates a super comfortable saddle that expands and contracts with you throughout your hunt, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and mobility.

In the following sections, we will look into the unique features of the Tethrd LockDown Saddle, and explore why it is quickly going to become  a favorite among saddle hunters.

Unboxing the new Tethrd Lockdown Saddle

The Innovation Behind the LockDown Saddle

When it comes to innovation, Tethrd has truly outdone themselves with the Lockdown Saddle. This remarkable piece of hunting gear is the culmination of years of research, development, and feedback from avid hunters like you and me.

Tethrd has always been at the forefront of saddle hunting, constantly pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. The Lockdown Saddle represents a significant evolution from their previous models, such as the Phantom, introducing a range of unique features that set it apart from the competition.

One of the standout features of the Lockdown Saddle is its proprietary yoke system. This innovative design replaces traditional suspender systems, offering adjustable and removable support for carrying gear. The yoke system ensures that the saddle stays securely in place during walks, eliminating the worry of it slipping down and causing discomfort.

Tethrd Lockdown Saddle Adjustable Panel with Lockdown Links

Another notable feature is the expandable saddle body. Unlike other expandable saddles that can be a hassle to manage, the Lockdown Saddle’s body stays closed when not in use and expands effortlessly when needed. This not only enhances comfort during long sits but also eliminates any pinching or hot spots that can distract you from focusing on the hunt.

But that’s not all – Tethrd has gone above and beyond to ensure that the Lockdown Saddle is as versatile and user-friendly as possible. The integrated dump pouches on the sides of the saddle offer generous storage space and are designed for one-handed operation. With multiple compartments and grommet holes for gear hoists, these pockets provide easy accessibility and organization for all your hunting essentials.

Moreover, the Lockdown Saddle features the Lockdown Haulers, which are permanently attached to the saddle. These slim and streamlined haulers not only provide efficient storage but also eliminate any unnecessary bulk, allowing for a more streamlined and agile hunting experience.

Tethrd has also taken comfort into serious consideration with the Lockdown Saddle. The Comfort Channels, adjustable through a girth hitch system, offer seven points of adjustment, allowing for micro-adjustments and optimal comfort. Additionally, the Lockdown Saddle’s UtiliBridge and Comfort Channels work together to provide stability and prevent sliding during use, ensuring that you can focus on the hunt without any distractions.

With its impressive array of features and attention to detail, the Lockdown Saddle is truly a game-changer in the world of saddle hunting. Tethrd’s commitment to continuous improvement and their dedication to creating innovative gear shines through in every aspect of this exceptional saddle.

In the next section, we’ll take a deep dive into the Lockdown Saddle’s features, examining each one in detail to understand how they enhance your hunting experience. Stay tuned!

Tethrd Linemans Belt Kit

The Lineman Belt is one of the most important pieces of kit in your arsenal. The Lineman Belt safely connects you to the tree while you climb, to help reduce the risk of a fall.

Includes 8′ rope with one 2″ factory-spliced eye, 2 ultra lite carabiners, and prusik cord.

Deep Dive into the LockDown’s Features

Alright, fellow hunters, let’s roll up our sleeves and take a closer look at the incredible features that make the Lockdown Saddle a true game-changer in the world of hunting gear. Get ready to be blown away!

First up, let’s talk about the Lockdown Links. These bad boys are the backbone of the Lockdown Saddle, providing a secure and comfortable fit. The Lockdown Links are not only adjustable but also incredibly durable, ensuring that your saddle stays firmly in place throughout your hunting adventures.

Next on our list are the Lockdown Haulers. These slim and streamlined haulers are permanently attached to the saddle, offering efficient storage without adding any unnecessary bulk. Need to carry extra gear? No problem! The Lockdown Haulers have got you covered with their increased capacity, ensuring that you can bring along all your hunting essentials without compromising on agility. Conveniently enough, I can fit my LoneWolf Pocket Arm in one of the Lockdown Haulers. This is going to allow me to ditch my Mystery Ranch pack and become even more mobile.

LoneWolf Pocket Arm In the new Tethrd Lockdown pouch

Now, let’s talk about the Lockdown Modular Yoke. This innovative feature enhances both comfort and convenience. With the Lockdown Modular Yoke, you can easily adjust the fit of your saddle, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience. Say goodbye to those days of uncomfortable hunting sessions – the Lockdown Saddle has got your back, quite literally!

But we’re not done yet! The Lockdown Saddle takes customization to a whole new level with its UtiliBridge and Comfort Channels. The UtiliBridge, made from amsteel, can be expanded to relieve hip pinch and pressure, providing you with ultimate comfort during those long sits. And the Comfort Channels? They offer seven points of adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune your saddle’s fit and find that sweet spot of comfort that keeps you focused and ready for the perfect shot.

Oh, and did I mention the expandable saddle body? This feature is a game-changer, my friends. The Lockdown Saddle’s expandable panel provides extra coverage and comfort by cupping the bottom, ensuring that you can stay in your saddle for extended periods without feeling any discomfort. And don’t worry about wear and tear – the included spare elastic retractors ensure that your saddle stays in top-notch condition for many hunting seasons to come. This feature is quite possibly my favorite. I like to sit while waiting on a deer to come through and, with the expandable saddle body, it makes it that much more comfortable.

With its incredible range of features and attention to detail, the Lockdown Saddle truly stands out from the crowd. Tethrd has left no stone unturned in their quest to create the ultimate hunting gear, and it’s safe to say that they’ve hit the bullseye with the Lockdown Saddle.

In the next section, I’ll be sharing my personal experiences and anecdotes of using the Lockdown Saddle, as well as comparing its performance with other saddles in the market. Stay tuned, my fellow hunters, because you won’t want to miss it!

The LockDown Saddle in Action

Now, let me share my brief personal experiences with the Lockdown Saddle and give you a glimpse of why I believe it’s a game-changer in the world of hunting gear. As an avid hunter who got my hands on the Lockdown Saddle as soon as it was released, I can confidently say that it has exceeded all my expectations.

First and foremost, the comfort level of the Lockdown Saddle is off the charts. The adjustable yoke system provides excellent support and ensures that the saddle stays securely in place, even during long walks. No more constantly readjusting or feeling like your gear is weighing you down. With the Lockdown Saddle, I can focus on the hunt without any distractions.

First Impression of the Tethrd Lockdown

The expandable saddle body is a huge upgrade from my previous Tethrd Mantis saddle. It offers extra coverage and comfort, making those extended sits a breeze. I now feel like I will be able to stay in my saddle for hours on end without feeling any discomfort or pressure points. It’s truly a game-changer for those of us who love spending long hours in the field.

One thing I absolutely love about the Lockdown Saddle is the integrated storage pockets. They are incredibly spacious, streamlined, and designed with the hunter in mind. The one-handed operation makes accessing my gear a breeze and, with the multiple compartments, it’s going to allow me to stay organized and have everything I need within arm’s reach. No more fumbling around with two hands or wasting precious hunting time searching for something at the bottom of a pocket.

But don’t just take my word for it. I’ll be releasing demonstration videos soon showing how to one-stick, where you can see the Lockdown Saddle in action. You’ll witness firsthand how easy it is to set up, adjust, and utilize all the innovative features that Tethrd has packed into this incredible saddle. Stay tuned for those videos, as they will truly showcase the Lockdown Saddle’s capabilities.

Review and First Impressions Tethrd Lockdown Saddle For One Stick Saddle Hunting

In terms of performance, the Lockdown Saddle has truly raised the bar. Compared to other saddles in the market, it stands out with its superior comfort, durability, and versatility.

Now, I must mention that the Lockdown Saddle is not just a piece of hunting gear – it’s an investment in your hunting experience. With its top-notch construction, innovative features, and attention to detail, the Lockdown Saddle offers exceptional value for the price. It’s a game-changer that will elevate your hunting game to new heights.

In the next section, we’ll look even deeper into the value of the Lockdown Saddle, comparing its price point with other saddles in the market. So, stay with me as we explore the incredible value that the Lockdown Saddle brings to the table.

The Tethrd HYS Strap is the ultimate public land legal gear hanger. The HYS Strap is made of high strength polyester that enables you to hang your stuff in whatever way makes sense to you. You can easily move your gear and position it wherever it makes sense for your style of hunting.

The Value of the LockDown Saddle

Now, let’s talk about the value that the Lockdown Saddle brings to the table. When it comes to hunting gear, finding the perfect balance between price and quality is crucial. And I must say, the Lockdown Saddle hits the sweet spot.

Considering the innovative features, exceptional comfort, and durability that the Lockdown Saddle offers, its price point is more than justified. Priced right at $429 for the complete system, this saddle is worth every penny. Only $30 more than the Phantom Elite, Tethrd has poured their expertise and passion into creating a saddle that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of serious hunters.

When comparing the Lockdown Saddle with other saddles in the market, it becomes evident that it offers incredible value for money. Its unique features, such as the expandable saddle body, integrated storage pockets, and adjustable yoke system, set it apart from the competition. You won’t find another saddle that combines comfort, functionality, and durability quite like the Lockdown Saddle.

Moreover, let’s not forget the long-term benefits of investing in the Lockdown Saddle. With its top-notch construction and attention to detail, this saddle is built to withstand the rigors of the hunting season. The replaceable elastic ensures longevity, allowing you to enjoy many successful hunts without worrying about wear and tear.

So, if you’re looking for a saddle that offers exceptional value for your hard-earned money, look no further than the Lockdown Saddle. It’s an investment that will enhance your hunting experience for years to come.

In conclusion, the Tethrd Lockdown Saddle is a true game-changer in the world of hunting gear. With its innovative features, unmatched comfort, and exceptional value, it has set a new standard for saddle hunting. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting your saddle hunting journey, the Lockdown Saddle is a must-have addition to your gear arsenal.

I highly recommend checking out the Lockdown Saddle for yourself. Visit your local Tethrd dealer or head over to their website to learn more and make a purchase. Trust me, once you experience the comfort and functionality of the Lockdown Saddle, you’ll wonder how you ever hunted without it.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your hunting game to the next level with the Tethrd Lockdown Saddle. Happy hunting, my fellow adventurers!

And don’t forget to stay tuned for my upcoming demonstration videos, where I’ll showcase the Lockdown Saddle in action. You won’t want to miss it!