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Public Land hunting

At one point or another, we’ve all dreamed of having a private property or exclusive access to land that others cannot hunt on. Whether you currently own such land or not, one thing is clear – hunting on public land will never completely fade away.

For hunters who have access to private land, it can be difficult to hunt through an entire season without putting pressure on the deer and affecting their movement. Mixing in hunts on public land can provide a much-needed break while preserving your private spots until the right time. By strategically hunting on public land, you can increase your chances of success in both places without educating the deer on your private land.

Hunting on public land forces hunters to think through their strategy and process in detail. These strategies can be applied to private land as well, giving hunters a new perspective and making them more effective. By splitting time between public and private land, hunters can take what they learn from the trial and error on public land and apply it to private hunts. Observing the way bucks utilize terrain, concentrate on food sources, and choose bedding locations in response to pressure can help hunters understand key areas to look for bucks on their private property.

Public land is the ultimate test ground for hunters. There’s no better way to sharpen your skills and hone your effectiveness than hunting on an even playing field with other hunters. Hunting public land teaches you to think in the moment and stay adaptable to outside influences. If you can scout and learn how bucks navigate terrain and habitat with hunting pressure on public land, you can put yourself in a position to fill a tag on a hard-earned public land buck while also gaining a better understanding of how to hunt private land more effectively.

Public land is also a great place to try new hunting styles and strategies without worrying about the impact on private ground. Whether it’s still hunting, spot and stalking, or any other approach, public land provides hunters with the freedom to experiment without the concern of long-term effects. Of course, it’s important to be respectful and not blow up a public tract for everyone else, but the beauty of public land is having the freedom to try new things.

Ultimately, public land is a valuable resource that belongs to all of us. As hunters, conservationists, and stewards of the land and wildlife, it’s our responsibility to preserve this incredible resource for future generations to enjoy. Whether it’s for the thrill of the hunt, the beauty of the outdoors, or to try something new, public land is a valuable asset for public deer hunting and the best public land deer hunting experience.

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