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The Best Hunting Saddles of 2023

Best Hunting Saddles of 2023

As saddle hunting continues to grow in popularity, so do the innovations in the space. Bowhunters desire a level of quiet, lightweight mobility that traditional treestands just don’t offer, making saddles the go-to tool. With many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top tree saddles for 2023, featuring brands like Trophyline, Tethrd, Hawk, H2, Latitude, and TX5.

Trophyline Venatic

The latest from Trophyline is the Venatic saddle, combining quality and comfort in a 20-ounce package. It is the lightest saddle from Trophyline to date, designed from an ultralight ripstop fabric to ensure rugged durability. The Venatic features strategically placed, narrower straps, and a rubberized waistband to ensure it won’t slip. When adding a set of their lightweight Double Step Mini Sticks and platforms, Trophyline delivers the complete saddle package.

Key Features:

  1. Mobile Marvel: The Trophyline Venatic Saddle is built with the mobile hunter in mind. Its lightweight design and compact size make it incredibly easy to carry around, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through even the most challenging terrains. No more lugging around bulky stands or struggling with heavy gear – this saddle is your ticket to true hunting freedom.
  2. Feather-Light Comfort: Say goodbye to uncomfortable hunting experiences. The Venatic Saddle is meticulously crafted to provide you with ultimate comfort during those long hours in the tree. Its ultralight ripstop fabric not only ensures durability but also keeps you feeling weightless, allowing you to focus solely on the thrill of the hunt. With this saddle, discomfort becomes a thing of the past.
  3. Versatility Unleashed: Whether you’re a bowhunter or a rifle enthusiast, the Trophyline Venatic Saddle has got you covered. Its adaptable design enables you to seamlessly transition between different hunting styles, making it a true all-rounder. No matter your preferred weapon of choice, this saddle will enhance your hunting experience like never before.


  1. Unparalleled Mobility: The Venatic Saddle takes mobility to a whole new level. Its lightweight construction and easy-to-carry design ensure that you can swiftly move through the wilderness, seizing every opportunity that comes your way. No more limitations or missed shots – with this saddle, you’ll be the epitome of agility.
  2. Cloud-Like Comfort: Hunting for extended periods can take a toll on your body, but not with the Venatic Saddle. Its ergonomic design and thoughtful padding provide unmatched comfort, allowing you to stay focused and alert throughout your hunting session. Say goodbye to sore muscles and hello to uninterrupted hunting bliss.
  3. Adaptability at Its Finest: Its versatile nature enables you to customize your setup to suit different hunting scenarios, ensuring that you’re always in the perfect position to take that shot of a lifetime. No more compromises – this saddle gives you the freedom to hunt your way.

Tethrd Phantom Elite

Tethrd Phantom Elite Best Hunting Saddles of 2023

Tethrd is another fan favorite, and their Phantom Elite will certainly wow the Tethrd faithful. The Elite is wrapped in First Lite’s Specter camo and comes with special addition SYS Haulers and an MVP back support for enhanced comfort. At just 24 ounces, it’s a minimalist’s dream and incorporates other notable features like Comfort Channels for high, medium, and low support settings and a strong UtiliBridge system that offers nearly 37 inches of easy adjustment.

Key Features:

1. Cutting-Edge Design: The Tethrd Phantom Elite Hunting Saddle boasts a state-of-the-art design that combines comfort, functionality, and durability. Every aspect of this saddle is meticulously crafted to enhance your hunting experience and provide you with the utmost convenience.

2. Featherweight Construction: Weighing in at 24oz, the Phantom Elite is an ultralight hunting saddle that won’t weigh you down during long treks or climbs. Its lightweight design ensures maximum mobility, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through the wilderness with ease.

3. Supreme Comfort: Say goodbye to uncomfortable hunting sessions. The Phantom Elite features a plush, ergonomic seat that molds to your body, providing exceptional comfort even during extended periods in the tree. No more restless fidgeting or numbness – this saddle keeps you cozy and focused.

4. Versatile Adaptability: Whether you’re a bowhunter or a rifle enthusiast, the Phantom Elite has been designed to accommodate your preferred hunting style. Its versatile configuration allows you to adjust the saddle to suit your needs, ensuring optimal shooting angles and stability.


1. Unmatched Stealth: The Phantom Elite is designed to be whisper-quiet, ensuring that you remain undetected by your prey. Its stealthy construction, combined with its silent attachment points, minimizes the chances of spooking deer, giving you the upper hand in your hunting pursuits.

2. Easy Setup: Setting up the Phantom Elite is a breeze. With its intuitive design and user-friendly components, you can have this saddle ready for action in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned saddle hunter or a beginner, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of the setup process.

3. Superior Stability: Stability is key when it comes to hunting from a saddle, and the Phantom Elite delivers. Its secure attachment system and robust construction ensure that you feel stable and confident while in the tree. No more wobbles or concerns about safety – this saddle keeps you steady as a rock.

Tethrd Linesman Belt Kit

The Lineman Belt is one of the most important pieces of kit in your arsenal. The Lineman Belt safely connects you to the tree while you climb, to help reduce the risk of a fall.

Includes 8′ rope with one 2″ factory-spliced eye, 2 ultra lite carabiners, and prusik cord.

Hawk Helium Hammock

Hawk Helium Hammock Best Hunting Saddles of 2023

Jumping into the saddle arena recently, Hawk Hunting brings their years of tree stand design experience to the drawing board with the Helium Hammock. The Helium kit comes in at less than 4 pounds and features a removable padded seat and adjustable reclining belt to ensure a comfortable hammock-like feel. It comes equipped with high-grade climbing accessories to ensure safety and folds up into an included case for easy transport.

Key Features:

1. Lightweight and Packable: The Hawk Helium Hammock is designed to be incredibly lightweight and easily packable, making it an excellent choice for hunters who need to move around frequently. Its compact size allows for effortless transportation, ensuring that you can take it with you wherever your hunting adventures lead.

2. Comfortable Padded Seat: The hammock features a padded seat that provides optimal comfort during long hours of hunting. The seat is designed to fit waist sizes 28″ and up, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for a wide range of hunters. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to uninterrupted hunting enjoyment.

3. 360-Degree Shooting and Aiming: With the Hawk Helium Hammock, you can enjoy the freedom of 360-degree shooting and aiming from any angle and direction. This feature is particularly beneficial for hunters who need to stay concealed in a tree while waiting for their target deer. You’ll have a clear line of sight and be ready for that perfect shot.

4. Secure Setup: The hammock includes climbing-grade rope and carabiners, ensuring a secure and stable setup. Safety is paramount while hunting, and the Hawk Helium Hammock provides peace of mind with its reliable attachment system. You can focus on your hunt without worrying about the stability of your setup.


1. Enhanced Mobility: The Hawk Helium Hammock’s lightweight construction and packability allow for enhanced mobility in the field. You can easily carry it to different hunting locations and climb trees without feeling weighed down. This agility gives you the freedom to explore new areas and adapt to changing hunting conditions.

2. Versatile Use: Whether you’re a bowhunter or a rifle hunter, the Hawk Helium Hammock accommodates various hunting styles. Its design allows for easy maneuverability and shooting from an elevated position, providing versatility for different hunting scenarios. You can confidently hunt with your preferred weapon of choice.

3. Quick and Easy Setup: Setting up the Hawk Helium Hammock is a breeze, even for beginners. Its user-friendly design and clear instructions make the setup process quick and straightforward. Spend less time fussing with gear and more time focusing on the hunt.

H2 Slingshot 2.0

H2 Slingshot Best Hunting Saddles of 2023

Building upon the success of their original Slingshot, H2 Saddles adds some enhancements to the 2.0 model with a price point that is sure to be a fan favorite. Available in multiple color schemes, the 2.0 features larger linemen loops for easy hookups and reinforced bridge loops for added strength and stiffness. It’s equipped with both loose and tight molle webbing along the top and bottom and is also equipped with additional sets of gear loops below the seat that are perfectly positioned for accessing steps when initially setting up. It comes standard with a tubular web bridge but can be upgraded to a fully adjustable TriAd AmSteel bridge that glides through the carabiner with ease.

Key Features:

1. Lightweight and Portable: The H2 Slingshot 2.0 Hunting Saddle is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making it a great option for hunters who need to move around frequently. Its compact size and lightweight construction ensure hassle-free transportation and setup.

2. Affordable: The H2 Slingshot 2.0 is relatively inexpensive compared to other hunting saddles on the market, making it a budget-friendly choice for hunters looking for a cost-effective option without compromising on quality.

3. Comfortable Design: The saddle is designed with comfort in mind with adjustable webbing straps to ensure a good fit. This allows for extended periods of use without discomfort, enabling hunters to remain focused and alert during their hunting sessions.


1. Enhanced Mobility: The H2 Slingshot 2.0’s lightweight and portable design provide hunters with increased mobility and flexibility in the field. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability through dense vegetation and challenging terrains.

2. Easy to Use: With its user-friendly design, the H2 Slingshot 2.0 is easy to set up and adjust. The saddle’s simplicity makes it accessible to both experienced saddle hunters and beginners, allowing for a quick and hassle-free setup process.

3. Versatile Application: The H2 Slingshot 2.0 can be used for various hunting situations, including bowhunting and rifle hunting. Its adaptable design and adjustable straps make it suitable for different hunting styles and preferences.

Latitude Method 2

Latitude Method Best Hunting Saddles of 2023

Latitude Outdoors’ Method 2 is their latest addition to the tree saddle lineup. Complementing their original Method saddle, the next generation features a unique two-panel system that allows users to find their sweet spot with ease. It comes in at just over 30 ounces and features an updated bridge system for maximum adjustability that is now designed with a lighter and easier-to-adjust Amsteel. To make slipping in easier and more comfortable, the Method 2 also features user-friendly removable leg straps and a magnet system to keep them together while hiking to your stand.

Key Features:

1. Two-Panel Design: The Latitude Method 2.0 Hunting Saddle features a unique two-panel design that allows for independent adjustment of the top and bottom support. This innovative feature enables hunters to customize their support exactly where they need it, providing superior comfort and stability.

2. Lightweight Construction: The Latitude Method 2.0 Hunting Saddle is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to carry and wear for extended periods of time. Its lightweight nature allows hunters to move quickly and quietly through the woods, enhancing their overall hunting experience.

3. Rope Belt with Climbing Knot: The saddle utilizes a load-rated adjustable climbing knot for its rope belt, which offers superior reliability and quietness compared to standard buckle-based designs. The climbing knot ensures a secure and precise fit, giving hunters peace of mind while in the tree.


1. Comfortable All-Day Sits: The Latitude Method 2.0 Hunting Saddle is crafted with adjustability in mind, made with a lightweight and comfortable material that ensures all-day comfort during hunting sessions. This saddle’s design and materials prioritize the hunter’s comfort, reducing fatigue and allowing for longer, more enjoyable hunts.

2. Fool-Proof and User-Friendly: The Latitude Method 2.0 Hunting Saddle is designed to be simple and fool-proof, making it easy to use for hunters of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned saddle hunter or a beginner, you’ll appreciate the straightforward setup and intuitive design of this saddle.

3. Silent Operation: The Latitude Method 2.0 Hunting Saddle’s rope belt and climbing knot system provide silent operation, minimizing noise that could potentially alert game. This feature allows hunters to move stealthily and remain undetected, increasing their chances of a successful hunt.

TX5 Custom Gear LoneStar Saddle

TX5 Custom Gear Lonestar Best Hunting Saddles of 2023

The LoneStar Saddle from TX5 Custom Gear is completely customizable when ordering and is available in either a stretch seat or their popular X PD pleated seat. It features a patent-pending Hip Pinch Reduction system that prevents the upper and lower webbing on the chassis from collapsing under pressure, and newly designed Viper lineman’s loops that are more streamlined than before and extend forward.

Key Features:

1. Single Panel Saddle Technology: The LoneStar Hunting Saddle utilizes innovative single panel saddle technology, providing a comfortable and streamlined design for hunters. This technology ensures optimal comfort and functionality during long hours in the tree.

2. HPR (Hip Pinch Reduction) System: The LoneStar 2.0 introduces the HPR system, which effectively reduces hip pinch. The sleeves of the HPR have been strategically relocated to enhance its performance, offering hunters improved comfort and minimizing discomfort during extended sits.

3. Dual Waist Belt System: The LoneStar 2.0 features the industry’s first-ever dual waist belt system. Users have the option to position the waist belt in its traditional location, inline with the upper chassis webbing, or above the upper chassis. The upper sleeves eliminate the need to readjust the saddle seat once in the tree, providing a more comfortable and convenient hunting experience.

4. Weight Distribution Webbing: The saddle incorporates sewn-in weight distribution webbing on each bridge loop, which connects to the center of the HPR system. This webbing ensures three points of contact at each hip, distributing pressure over three locations instead of two, enhancing comfort and stability.


1. Enhanced Comfort and Streamlined Design: The LoneStar Hunting Saddle’s single panel saddle technology offers superior comfort and a streamlined design, allowing hunters to remain comfortable and focused during extended sits in the tree.

2. Improved Hip Pinch Reduction: The HPR system of the LoneStar 2.0 effectively reduces hip pinch, enhancing overall comfort and reducing potential distractions while hunting.

3. Versatile Waist Belt Options: The dual waist belt system provides users with flexibility in choosing the most comfortable position for the waist belt. This customization ensures a secure and ergonomic fit, enhancing stability and ease of use.

In conclusion, 2023 offers an impressive array of tree saddles for bowhunters seeking lightweight, comfortable, and mobile options. Brands like Trophyline, Tethrd, Hawk, H2, Latitude, and TX5 have stepped up their game, providing innovative designs and features to enhance the saddle hunting experience. When choosing the best tree saddle for your needs, consider factors such as weight, comfort, and mobility, and explore the various offerings from these top brands. Happy hunting!

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